Bert Book Exchange

Brockham’s Lockdown Library   For those of you who love books, you may have found lockdown a welcome opportunity to indulge in reading. For me personally, seeing a foot-high stack of unread books next to the bed is a thing of joy. Sadly, due to the lockdown, you might also find that you’re running out of reading material.

Never fear! At the suggestion of a number of residents we’re pleased to announce BERT’s Book Exchange. So far, our volunteers have gathered roughly two hundred titles in different genres that can be borrowed and returned. If you’ve had a clear out and have books you’d like to donate or swap, they would be very welcome.

Note that all books will have their outer covers cleaned and will be quarantined for the appropriate amount of time before being made available.

To obtain the list of available books or to donate books, please contact the team directly at Our team will share the list of selections and then you can arrange collection or, with limitations, delivery may be an option. Note that procedures may evolve as we establish this new service.

~Craig Scott, BERT Trustee